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My First Photo Shoot…in YEARS.

October 17, 2020…Undisclosed Location…AlexisGian Photography.

One thing I was sure of when developing a website and a brand, is that you need CONTENT…and not your typical stock photos. Bite the bullet, hire a professional photographer, create and select looks that align with you (image, brand, etc.), find a great location and schedule a photo shoot. With the right effort and vision, you can have priceless content. Priceless in the sense of its uniqueness and it coming from YOUR vision and inspiration. Having the right team of folks to help your through the process is critical too…multiple viewpoints are better than one. Not that you have to agree on everything, but the variance in perspective is key in having all the input necessary to make the best final decision.

Case in point: I LOVE my blue high-waisted, wide leg slacks from Express…I mean I bought them. However, my style is always classic and a bit safe; so I always paired these slacks with a black or white simple blouse…not to take away from the pants. Again, classic and safe. My dear friend Gete who is stylish and one of my favorite people on earth had a different idea for those pants…and a lace blouse that I had recently added to my collection. Voila! You have this look, and some dope images that push my overall look and brand to a level that I was too settled to get to.

Case in point part 2: Alexis, the photographer (also a dear friend that is stylish and talented) - had established her photography brand primarily around families, and outdoors in natural light. Initially, I wanted to be outdoors and in natural light. However, it became clear to me that there was a better opportunity to capture more content in a furnished naturally lit space. Enter undisclosed location and their clubhouse space. I became one of her first subjects indoors and she had her challenge with a mix of natural lighting and furnished lighting. She did amazing work.

Follow her IG: @alexisgianphotography

Collaboration - when done right - can be wonderful. From my experience, I have learned the value of honoring the voices of the collaborators and staying on target of the overall goal is key to a successful outcome.

Real Estate Agency is just that…collaboration. The client brings information to the realtor who shares their expertise while mediating the transaction between the other client and their agent. A satisfactory close is a win for all involved.

Check out the slideshow below for a few behind the scenes moments from this shoot!

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