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Well…life came at me kind of fast last month. Mastering my new balancing act caused me to take a pause on The Pivot…one of the keys to success in anything is knowing when to take a pause. Spreading yourself too thin can lead to a lack of efficiency and attention to detail…in turn, not putting your best foot forward. Let me share why I had to take a pause on the blog.

After 6 weeks of showings, 4 formal offers made and 1 non-formal offer made…my resilient, focused, and determined buyers had their fifth formal offer ACCEPTED. *applause* *Toyota jump*

We submitted an at list offer with an escalation clause in $1K increments, up to $5K over list, and waived the inspection. The offer was won at $1K over list…due to the escalation. Yes, you read that right, the inspection was waived…but only because an inspection was done less than a week earlier on previous contract of other buyers that ended up cancelling. The inspection uncovered some work that needed to be done…and the other buyers had a rough experience that caused concerned, which lead to the cancellation. To my clients benefit, the seller wanted to resolve the issue and is investing the $10K+ worth of work back into the property to make it right. There were other minor issues discovered by the inspection…and before upon submitting my clients' offer, it was confirmed that those issue would be resolved…to date, I have received confirmation and receipts of the issues being fixed.

For my first transaction, this was smooth sailing. My mentor has been super delighted with my experience on this specific transaction. My layers of experience have included preparing my clients to make an appropriate offer, preparing an offer, submitting an offer, communicating properly and efficiently with the cooperating agent, reviewing inspections, and coaching my clients through the contract process. And there is still more to go.

While I am super excited about this transaction…I am ready for another. I have other clients that are close, but we have yet to meet their match. Additionally, this is also a prime time to keep the party going - letting homeowners, sellers, buyers, and others know that I'm accepting clients and am ready to help them take the next steps towards their home goals with an exceptional agency experience.

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