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March: Chapter 3 of 2021

*DISCLAIMER: This was written March 1, 2021...just never hit the publish button. *face palm*

Chapter 3 of 12. So far 2021 has brought us some interesting circumstances…historical ones. And we're not even a full 60 days in. Ha!

About a month ago I went into buyer agency with a wonderful couple who are dear friends of mine. For the last 25+ days we have been through the roller coaster of the housing market for Q1 of 2021. In the last three and half weeks, we have submitted four (4) offers. Outbid each time. The first three were hard lessons learned about going big or going home. This last one was a quality offer…QUALITY. However, in follow up conversations with the listing agent on that last property, it was not meant for us… (the accepted offer netted just a bit more than ours, property was accepted "as is" and with an appraisal contingency) - in the words of Keith Sweat, "…something something just ain't right…"

My clients are resilient, determined, and focused. I'm so grateful. There have been no pity parties…no what are we doing wrong…no why has God forsaken us…just acceptance, grace, and moving on to the next opportunity. We are only a month in…there are some folks that have been at this for nearly a year…if not a year. So, we count our blessings, dust ourselves off and keep it moving. Each time with a new lesson learned, a refreshed insight and with more determination.

The housing market is a bit wild right now…at least in this region. Loan rates are low…although there is a steady climb back up. Inventory is LOW - like, in January…the average days on market was 10 days. Prices are above market. Homes are selling at a faster rate than a year ago. It is a seller's dream and a buyer’s opportunity to volunteer as tribute…hoping the odds are in their favor.

Here's to March opening new opportunities and hopefully a new home for the buyers and buyers’ agents on the grind. Let's get it!

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