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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

My name is Mallorie Denmon. I'm a realtor that operates in both Missouri and Kansas. I am experienced in real state advising, marketing homes for sale, assisting clients in finding homes that align with their needs and providing an exceptional agency experience.

There's been quite a gap since my last post on my beloved blog, The Pivot. Life happens. Life happens in a variation of ways that can cut your feet from underneath you in a slow-motion-Matrix-type swoop. Another way of describing this is BURNOUT.

Tap into Google and see the "…emotional signs and symptoms…" of burnout:

  • Sense of failure and self-doubt.

  • Feeling helpless, trapped and defeated.

  • Detachment, feeling alone in the world.

  • Loss of motivation.

  • Increasingly cynical and negative outlook.

  • Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

According to the Mayo Clinic: "Job burnout is a special type of work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity."

For weeks…I didn't know what was going on with me. I just felt like a lazy failure. And no matter how much I tried to hype myself up…or dig into my bag of self-care tricks…the cycle continued. It continued to a point of physical impact…my left eye twitching, and the ache between the right side of my neck and my shoulder.

I told no one. I just kept showing up…putting on the happy face and faking it until I could pull myself out of it. Eventually I did. We all have a reset button…sometimes we just forget where it is, or that we have it. I found mine and hit it like it was a buzzer on Jeopardy! Did everything magically go back to normal? Of course not. But the first step was taken…I made a choice.

I chose not to be defeated. I chose to climb my way from underneath the many layers that had built up over the previous months. The struggle was real…but I kept making decisions that I knew were only going to push me forward and out the hole I was in. I got back to my daily scriptures. I got back to my daily affirmations. I got back to my journal. I got back to my meditation. I got back to working out. I got back to celebrating the small wins. I wrote my business plan. I talked to my mentors. I talked to my broker. I talked to my family and friends. I asked for help. I asked for assistance with my accountability.

Got my stride back. Also…lessons were learned and behaviors have shifted to ensure if I do start to slip into that space again…I have the resources readily available to tap into and pivot back to where I need to be.

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