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Exam Prep

Pre-Exam Coursework complete!!

On August 24th I paid the exam fee and scheduled the exam for September 24, 2020. I was motivated…so much so that I mapped out my daily study scheduled alongside my Practice Course schedule. Literally put each section, subject, allotted time frame on my calendar to ensure I received reminders and notifications to keep me on schedule. No excuses.

September 5th - God had other plans for me and my schedule. That was the day my Grandmother took her last breath on this earth…and it rocked me and my family. I'll share more when I'm ready…

September 17th, I opened my study guides and found the strength and courage to push through my emotions and get back to business. That's what she would have wanted, and that was my motivation to get back to it. I considered rescheduling the exam; I considered just pushing everything back…I had six months from the completion of my coursework to take the exam…so there was time. However, the way I'm built…we get back to business, pushing through, absorbing the lessons, and staying rooted in the "why."

For nearly two weeks I hadn't touched anything real estate related. Maybe it worked in my favor, because when I got back to it, it was on. I did push aside the Practice Course coursework since I had to double up on the exam review, you know…priorities. Lol! My strategy and efforts worked out well…until the night before the exam. The enemy stays busy - especially when you're striving, focused and preparing for something awesome. The night before the exam, I took a practice exam that was developed and made available by the company administering the exam. Unlike the other practice exams, I had taken, this one let you know if you got an answer correct or not before moving on to the next. So, what did I do…tally my score as I completed the exam. Y'all…I wasn't doing good and my anxiety (which I normally never have) went cray…yes…CRAY.

I cried a bit. Questioned if this was what I was supposed to be doing. I prayed. I reviewed the answers I got wrong. I went to bed.

In my reflection and meditation, I realized that I had done the work, and now it was time to let God work. If I pass…great! If I failed…ok…I can retake it. Plus…I hadn't told anyone when I scheduled the exam, so there was no risk of having to explain to anyone that I didn't pass. Lol! *shrug*

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