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Picturesque Properties, LLC

One of the other reasons that real estate appealed to me…it was the opportunity for me to create and operate my own business. Yes, as a licensed agent you still have to affiliate with a broker to assist with the management of your business - particularly the overhead. However how you operate as an agent, as a REALTOR, as a business… is at your discretion. It seems that some agents see it that way and others don’t. I saw it as a business and set my intentions to operate that way.

While spending hours engaged in completing the coursework to obtain my license, I multi-tasked and researched the ins and outs of starting my real estate business. Hours were spent developing my business plan, deciding on a business name, developing my business processes, creating my brand, and establishing a marketing strategy. In my previous post where I mention that some days I didn't talk to anyone buy myself and God - those were days were those hours multi-tasking and planning were heavy. Heavy in a sense that I was in a zone…my motivation was different…my passion for what was developing, started to grow at a rapid pace. I woke up with a different mindset, I couldn't sleep because of all the thoughts and ideas that wouldn't turn off. It was a bit of a whirlwind…in a good way.

October 15, 2020 - Picturesque Properties, LLC became a reality. I stared at my certificate of organization from Secretary of State Ashcroft. My eyes eventually welled up and the tears flowed. Happy tears. Joyful tears. There's a lot of this and that about having an LLC and what it means and such…for every person it's different. This LLC was backed with a business plan, hours of completed coursework and training, and a license to sell real estate. It hit different for me.

For me it was the proof that I didn't allow the threats of things out of my control to overcome me. I found a way to pivot. Now it was time to take the next steps to making all this planning and strategizing…a reality.

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