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On September 24, I took the exam. 2+ hours of clicking through 145+ questions regarding national and state real estate rules, standards, and laws. No one knew that today was the day for the exam except me and God. In the world of sharing where expectations are created and magnified from afar, for the sake of my sanity and peace it was best this way. I arrived early - because early = on time, prepared with the limited supplies I could bring along, talked to God a few times, and went in and did what I had to do…complete the exam.

When you are done, you head to the proctors - one takes your borrowed supplies (i.e., scratch paper, borrowed calculator, etc.) and the other, processes some paperwork. I was clueless as to what was being processed, one proctor had a straight face…no emotion, while the other was smiles and pleasantries. Now here come my nerves. Why is it taking so long for my paperwork? Are they printing the directives to retake the exam? No expression at all from this one? Not even real eye contact? Just tell me how I did so I can move on with my day!!

The proctor hands me my paperwork face down. Oh crap! I turn it over…and there's red ink…Oh crap! Wait…THANK GOD!! I PASSED! My Kool-Aid smile went into full effect and I walked out of the office…in silence. I turned back to look at the emotionless proctor and the friendly one - both were watching me leave - I smiled and did a fist pump…they both smiled back.

It was worth the hours. It was worth the planning. It was worth the practice exams. It was worth not talking to anyone (except God) for days at a time. Happy I got it done…

…I took the day to celebrate…it was bittersweet. Still grieving the loss of my Grandmother, however I know she would have been so proud.

Step one complete…now on to the next.

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