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Chapter 2 of 2021

Chapter 2 of 2021. Let's get it.

This weekend I had my first round of wearing two professional hats.

Our venue had an event this weekend…the first in 10 months. All hands-on deck to ensure that even after 10 months…we were still the premier venue in the city for the top events. It felt good to be back…it felt good hearing familiar voices and seeing (despite the face coverings) familiar faces.

Event happening…check. Schedule set…check.

Buyer client wants to see a few properties…let's get it. Preparation ensures efficiency and efficiency gives the appearance you know what you are doing. So, I prepared. It is raining…umbrella on deck, towels to wipe shoes on deck, shoe covers on deck, listings sent to client's inbox for reference, Google Maps directions locked in, showings scheduled. Four showings later - we didn't find the winner, but we are a few steps closer.

My whole life multi-tasking has come naturally to me. Sometimes I got a bit carried away and ran myself ragged. Many lessons learned…the biggest one is planning, preparation and going with the flow (mentally) when challenges are faced.

It has only been a month, but I feel good about managing both my careers. Both journeys complement each other and per my prayers and affirmations…I'm ready for what is to come.

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