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Count it all joy...


What a year. What an experience. What in the hell.

The first six months was full of excitement, hope, celebration…then it turned to fear, the unknown, and painful realities. The last six months was a continuation of that fear, more of the unknown and finally…a bit of relief. My journey took many unexpected turns…experiences that pushed me, helped me grow, opened my eyes to my strengths, reminded me of what I'm made of, painted a clearer picture of the woman I want to be, and forced me to pivot into making a way for myself…own my own.

While I want to give 2020 the finger (think Beyonce in the Formation video) - I am also full of gratitude.

From one of my favorite Kirk Franklin songs...Better:

Count it all joy and always remember,

Life will get better it's gonna get better

No matter the weapon it will not prosper,

Things will get better it's gonna get better

No matter how bad things get, they'll eventually get better. What we decide to do during the transformation can make us or break us. How we choose to pivot in the midst of a storm or the unknown…can mold us into who we are striving to be…or hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Thank you 2020…and kick rocks…barefoot.

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2021!

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