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Happy Holidays!

Normally the week of Christmas is exciting, joyful, slightly stressful, and also the first few days of a much needed vacation. It was deemed Winter Break in my pre-2020 world and it was an opportunity to shop, dine at my favorite spots, spend time with family and friends, relax, catch up with my favorites who moved away and fully hit the reset button in preparation for the new (fresh start) year to come. I treasured this time off. I treasured what it did for me and my spirit, and the memories it made.

Winter Break 2020 isn't going to be the same…traditions will be put on hold, new traditions may be born, things will be different…and it's okay. It kind of sucks…but it's okay. It's how we come out of this that matters. It's how we manage our relationships from this…whether they blossom or come to an end. It's how we survive, how we treat each other and the lessons we learn. It's how we pivot.

Some of us will choose positivity…we will tap into our joy that lives within and embrace our gratitude for our blessings. Some of us will be unphased - we will make it work with what we have. Some of us will struggle - rather for some of the time, or all of the time. Some of us will disconnect and embrace the disappointments. Whatever the experience is, it's going to shape us…we just get to choose how it shapes us, by choosing our actions moving forward.

I choose joy. I choose hope. I choose to be inspired and motivated. I choose to control what I can (pivot). I choose to trust Him. This week will be exciting, a bit more stressful than normal, a sort of extended vacation, there will be relaxation, I will catch up with friends, I will somehow connect with family. I've already made preparations for the fresh start with the new year to come…looking forward to 2021, the inspiration it will bring and the continued growth ahead.

Merry Christmas!

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