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"...Job's not finished..."

"…job's not finished." - Kobe Bryant

January 2021…a lot has gone down in the last 25 days. A LOT.

My role as a sales executive in the live entertainment industry reactivated. That same week our Nation's Capital was violated by way of an insurrection. Two weeks later history was made at that same place when the first woman was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States. And last night, my home team…the Kansas City Chiefs hosted a third consecutive AFC Championship and won…with flying colors…and are now headed to their second consecutive Super Bowl. Literally all the feels this month…and what is mentioned are just the big things.

The feels can be quite the distraction…and that's not good or bad. It's just how you choose to manage. I take the time to feel the emotions and digest them. I have learned from previous experiences…not addressing them or giving them the attention, they need can backfire ferociously. My philosophy: find the balance of the time needed to address the feels, and the time needed to get back to work…back to your grind…back to your goals. If we are not careful, we will find ourselves in a whirlwind of emotions and unable to get our feet back on the ground to move forward.

I still have a business to run, I still have business goals to accomplish, I still have work to do. There is a shift in priorities, and I need to adjust accordingly…for the sake of my livelihood, my peace, and my sanity. Routines have been updated, but the foundation never shifted - with all that is changing, I am so grateful for establishing the necessary foundation to keep me on track and focused on my goals and my purpose.

2021 is showing signs of having told 2020 to "hold its beer" - but perhaps with a bit more finesse…and changes for the better. I'm here for it. Bring it.

Run it back. With Love.

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