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School Supplies

November 2, Happy Birthday to my baby brother Marcell II. He did not let 2020 knock him around. He purchased a home, proposed to his longtime girlfriend and is now planning a wedding. I am so incredibly proud of him and all that he has accomplished and the many wonderful things he has yet to conquer. He is my best friend and the best brother anyone could wish for.

The real estate journey continues…July 2, 2020 - Missouri Salesperson Pre-License course purchased and started.

A bit intimidated. No fear. A new adventure. New skills. Over the years of my various sales experiences - there were trainings, meetings and all the different things to help make me successful. However, there was never 48-hours of required work that included Unit Exams, Study Resources…all the things one would need to prepare for a professional exam. What in the world did I sign up for? I have not "studied" for anything since undergrad. (Go Tigers…M-I-Z!)

All of the coursework is online - a gift and a curse. A gift, because I can work at my own pace, set my schedule, work on it anytime and pretty much any place. A curse, because I can work at my own pace, set my schedule, work on it anytime and pretty much any place. Alright discipline...let's go!

I am a note-taker and a highlighter; writing down and marking what I am listening to or reading helps it stick for me. Probably something that developed in high school or maybe even college. Time for a trip to Target, perfect timing too - Back-2-School was in full effect and the school/office supplies were overflowing…one of my favorite times of the year. My list: pens, highlighters, notebooks, notecards, calculator, printer paper and wine. Apothic Red - my favorite. When it is all said and done, a lack of resources will not be the reason for any shortcomings.

Next it was time to set a schedule. Workout, shower, eat, study, eat, study, plan, eat, relax. Repeat daily, adjust as needed for family obligations and self-care. Set up screen time on iPhone to be limited from 9AM to 4PM to keep distractions to a minimum. No TV…unless while eating. Focus. Stay disciplined. We got goals, we have a vision, and we are not going to fail.

There is no room for it.

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