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Slow Feet...Don't Eat.

Week 1 of 2021 - my clients have requested to see properties of their liking…I have requested multiple showing appointments…and they have all been cancelled due to the sellers accepting offers…from other buyers. Until recently, I could get in several properties for showing - however, this past week has been quite the awakening. Slow feet don't eat.

The Kansas City Market is crazy right now. I have connected with fellow agents who have been in the industry for a while and are just in a bit of awe regarding how quickly things have been moving…especially during a pandemic. Properties are going up at 10AM and have offers on them by 7PM…ready buyers are making moves and sellers are in their happy place. A ready home and a ready buyer are the perfect storm and ideally an agent's dream.

READY BUYER - pre-approved, earnest money ready, knows what they want, has their agency strategy established. This season of the housing market (at least in KC) is not for the take-your-time buyer. Taking your time to have your ducks in a row will leave you disappointed. Taking your time to make time to see a property will leave you disappointed. It is best to do yourself and your agent a favor, handle the pre-search business up front and save your team (you and your agent) the cancellation notices, and those moments of finding a good fit online only to never get a closer look because you weren't ready. One of my favorite one-liners…

"if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready..."

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